Why should you pay attention to how you dress when you are behind a computer most of the time or why does your personal brand style matter especially if most of your business is online you might ask. That’s the big question. I will give you the clear answer right here and the best way I have found in all of my years of practice to build a strong personal brand image and make sure you keep attracting your ideal clients more quickly and effortlessly. I use this approach to boost my clients’ personal brand and you can use it too so you too can stand out from the crowd and increase your bottom line.


So Why does your style matter especially when most of your business is online?

Well,  it takes approximately five seconds for a person to form an opinion of you, Online, it’s even quicker. People can tune out of your website or your social media videos in literally three seconds. I know I have clicked on websites and saw the home page picture of the business owner to think, well this doesn’t stand out or look interesting enough for me to stick around. There is no strong point of view. I even clicked on a super appealing facebook ad once of a strong appealing looking businesswoman, which is the whole reason I clicked on the ad in the first place. When I was directed to a video of the actual business owner, my impression went “wha wha” big time because she did not project anything interesting that grabbed my attention. It was a bland underwhelming impression and I tuned out pretty much right away.

Nowadays the face behind any given product or service is just as important as the product or service itself-if not more so.

What’s on the outside has to match the message you are trying to convey through your brand if you want people to believe it. The most successful entrepreneurs and business owners create and, in fact, become brands.

You are your brand. Your personality is your brand. You’re a walking, talking advertisement for yourself and what’s on the outside does make an impression. Whether you are working on branding yourself as a speaker, business owner, or corporate professional, if you want people to believe what you are trying to sell or convey, then the outside has to match the inside.

The good news is that you have the ability to change people’s perceptions based on what you wear and how you present yourself. you can start to shape your style according to how you want to be received.

So start by thinking of yourself as a brand.

Owning a strong personal brand style is a tool to create an instant connection with your ideal clients. It allows you to stand out against the competition because you will be able to be seen and perceived as being more YOU. It’s like being fully you in a bold and authentic way. This will turn potential customers into brand fanatics much faster.

There are different ways to brand. I chose a psychology-based personal style branding archetype system partly because I have a strong background in branding and marketing and I know this is what creates the most compelling brands and what works most effectively in terms of magnetically pull in ideal clients more effortlessly. This system is from psychologist Karl Young and has been around for a long time. It’s used by all the big companies you know such as Apple, McDonald’s, Tesla, Disney, and the list goes on. All of these big corporations use this archetype system to magnetize their clients to them. It’s a psychologically-based branding method designed to help your business create meaningful connections with your audience. People are attracted to your brand on a psychological level that they may or sometimes may not be aware of, but they relate to who you are and what you stand for.

This 12 archetype system believes that some story characters are instantly familiar to us because they are primal or instinctive to human nature. We all have a bit of each character or personality in us, but every great brand you know has picked one or two as their primary archetype. Those characters stick with us because they represent timeless human motivations, which we call archetypes. As business owners, we leverage these motivations to connect to our ideal clients and motivate them to take action on what we have to offer and who we are. I say connect to who we are because humans want to connect with people – not with products or services. This is why when a brand takes on a primary character archetype, people recognize it – they get it. They get its human motivations. Additionally, people make decisions emotionally, not rationally. And this is what makes this approach so powerful. When people understand your brand, they can begin to connect emotionally, like, and trust you, which leads to more sales.

With a market saturated with businesses trying to emulate other successful companies, we see a lot of the same thing around which is why a differentiating factor is crucial. By developing a strong personal brand style, you will differentiate yourself because there is no one else in the world that has the exact same personal style as you do.

The closer you are aligned with your true brand personality, the more emotion and loyalty you will trigger in people. When your personal style captures who you are in a clear way, the more your ideal clients will get you and be magnetized to you naturally. It can transform your business to a whole new level of success. You can get more gigs, bigger audiences, ideal clients, and increase your income exponentially. 

This is what happened to this entrepreneur. One of her archetypes is the adventurer because her message is all about creating a business that is very lucrative and gives people the freedom to have a balanced life. She attracts the people that want just that and just looking at the way she is dressed gives us an idea that she has a bit of a wild side that likes to be free to play. As soon as she up-leveled and nailed her personal brand, she started attracting high-level clients and affiliates that wanted to do business with her.

Communicating your brand personality to the world conveys clarity and consistency and that will attract people to you. An unclear style creates uncertainty and confusion, which usually leads to a no. Knowing your personal brand style will help you in being more successful. No doubt about it. 

The other important reason to own a strong personal brand style is want it or not, as I said, people judge other people in seconds based on how they present themselves. Beauty sells. That’s just how it is and the blunt reality. It’s not enough to have an outstanding product or service nowadays. There is way too much competition. The number of women entrepreneurs has increased exponentially in the last couple of years. This is why you need to have a compelling, clear, and eye-catching personal brand to stand a chance. And since we have established that you are the face of your company, owning a strong and authentic personal style becomes very important. Your clothes and personal style are the embodiment of your brand.

Up-leveling your business as a whole is important. Upgrading your closet should be part of this process or you are not representing your business appropriately. In fact, your clothes are the easiest way to represent your business, exude confidence and credibility when speaking at events, on-camera, or when meeting potential clients. 

Just Remember: Your style represents your personality, and your personality IS your brand.

When you are living your brand through the way you dress, it results in self-confidence. And confidence sells.

Now that you learned the most effective way to brand yourself, you can start developing your personal brand style by taking this quick personal brand assessment I created. In it, you’ll learn what personal brand style you are, what motivates your brand, and specific stores you should start paying attention to. Click here to access it.

Enjoy and au revoir! Xx

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