“If you dress chic and own your personal brand style, people will not only remember the outfit, they will remember you and your confident presence”.

I help high achieving women in the spotlight love the way they look and skyrocket their confidence so they can command the right kind of attention and success they deserve.

I use a Feng Shui approach with a 6000 year old track record that supports people in manifesting what they desire.

I am here because:

I don’t know how to differentiate myself & stand out

My wardrobe is not stylish. I’m not sure how to look confident and successful

I’m not sure how to look upscale with the budget I have

I don’t know which colors work on me, how to put clothes together properly, or what looks good on me

My clothes make me look like I’m hiding something. I don’t know how to avoid accentuating the bad areas

What I will get:

Feel amazing about the way you look & Skyrocket your confidence

Command the right kind of attention

Dress to manifest more money

Attract the ideal clients, jobs, and speaking opportunities

Exude charisma and confidence

“I get flooded with compliments on the outfit you picked for me.

Anne-Emilie Gold, Business Owner & Entrepreneur

“I instantly felt far more confident in my clothes and my body than I had in years.”

Marissa Dragoo, Attorney, Public Speaker

“I now feel more excited and confident.”

Amanda Collins, Business Owner, Public Figure

“You brought me one step closer to my own happiness in life in general.”

Marissa Dragoo, Attorney & Public Speaker

Dress to Manifest

Personal Brand Image

Exude Confidence

Get Your Wow Factor

"Now I feel more confident. I can grab an outfit and feel confident about it instantly!"


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“I feel renewed and confident!”

I feel empowered and beautiful!”

The morning struggle of what to wear is gone.”

Are you feeling unsure about the way you dress, look, and present yourself?

I help high achieving women in the spotlight find their wow factor and skyrocket their confidence so they can command the right kind of attention and success they deserve.

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