Dress to Manifest

Do you feel unsure about your wardrobe, personal style and what looks good on you or the way you dress and present yourself? I can help!

We will work together to define your personal style and what you want your brand to say, we then incorporate your brand’s message into your style to create your personal brand image. What’s on the outside has to match the message you are trying to convey through your brand if you want people to believe it and easily remember you. People can energetically read into how you feel and present yourself on the outside as it’s a direct reflection of what is going on in the inside. And this is why dressing to FEEL amazing is so important. If you dress chic and own your personal brand style, people will not only remember the outfit, they will remember you and your confident presence. You will differentiate yourself and stand out. The most successful entrepreneurs and business owners create and become brands.

I am here because:

  • I don’t know how to differentiate myself & stand out
  • My wardrobe is not stylish. I’m not sure how to look confident and successful
  • I’m not sure how to look upscale with the budget I have
  • I don’t know which colors work on me, how to put clothes together properly, or what looks good on me
  • My clothes make me look like I’m hiding something and I don’t know how to avoid accentuating the bad areas

And here’s what you get when working with me:

  • Feel amazing about the way you look & Skyrocket your confidence
  • Command the right kind of attention
  • Dress to manifest more money
  • Attract the ideal clients, jobs, and speaking opportunities
  • Exude charisma and confidence
  • Identify what looks really good on you and what doesn’t work and why
  • Create a closet filled with clothes you love and know exactly how to wear
  • Learn how to put outfits together that make you look successful and feel confident
  • Discover your own personal brand style
  • Learn what your power colors are so you look better, alive, and luminous
  • Create your own wardrobe WOW factor that will make you shine and stand out!
  • Learn how to dress to command the right kind of attention and success you deserve
  • Get absolutely everything you need to have a complete and stylish-looking professional wardrobe that reflects your personal brand style custom-picked by me
  • Get a personalized closet reference guide with ready to wear professional outfits from your own wardrobe. Never wonder what to wear to work again!

Wardrobe Assessment: A one hour initial session to get clear on how your wardrobe is affecting your life and what you want to manifest in your life.

Total Closet Makeover: 2 VIP Days   

  • Get rid of the old and what doesn’t work for you
  • Identify what works and doesn’t work and why
  • Learn what your power colors are so you look better, alive, and luminous
  • Ready-to-wear, put-together professional outfits with what you have and your newly acquired clothes.
  • List of missing pieces to complete your professional wardrobe

Your Personal Brand Style Course: 1 VIP Virtual half Day – Learn how to style yourself, attract what you want, and more.

  • Dress to manifest what you want in your life
  • The importance of fabrics and how to pick the right quality
  • Clothes Maintenance
  • Dress for your body shape
  • How to wear accessories for your features and frame
  • Your Power Colors
  • Determine your personal brand style
  • How to mix colors
  • How to mix prints
  • What to wear On Camera
  • What to wear for public speaking

The Wow Factor: 2 VIP Days – Personalized shopping experience. All you have to do is have fun trying on the clothes I have already pre-selected for you. Get ready to wow with your charisma and branded image!

Spotlight Ready: 1 VIP Day – Final closet and process review with a makeover. If there is anything you may still need to finalize your wardrobe, we’ll make note during our final assessment. We will review your original wardrobe assessment and make sure you are feeling great about where you are at.

Makeover Bonus: Get a makeup lesson and makeover with a makeup artist.  Learn how to apply makeup for your features and coloring.

Personal Shopper Bonus: Unlimited on-line personal shopping services in tandem with the 2 shopping days– Throughout the shopping process, this will guarantee we will be able to complete your wardrobe.  

Emergencies Bonus: Emergency texts support when you need my advice on a specific outfit or item for the 3 months following our first Initial consult.

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