You know exactly what to wear in a matter of seconds every time you walk into your closet. You love everything you have. This is a dream for so many people. Watch this video where I’m going to show YOU how to build a dream closet from clothes you already own.

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Watch this video to discover the most effective way I have found as a professional personal stylist to build a dream closet so you only wear clothes you absolutely love and don’t waste any more time in the morning figuring out what you should wear.

Once you have cleared out your closet of the old, unflattering, or low-quality clothes, you are now ready to start the creation process: create outfits, make your shopping list to complete your wardrobe, and create your lookbook.

You will start by making your outfits and taking pictures starting with the first category, which is the dresses and follow the order of each category in the fashion table reference guide. The next category would be bottoms and so on. You can include more than one top for one bottom and/or more than one pair of shoes like what you see on these pictures. This way you will know that you can wear your skirt, dress, or pants with all the shoes or tops you paired it with on the picture. This is the quickest way to create several outfits from your closet.

I included the guide’s handout for you to use it as a reference. Doing this process methodically like this will reduce the chances of you forgetting items.

When you are making your outfits, you will likely come across garments that you are missing or need to complete certain outfits. For example, you might need a navy modern-looking black blazer to wear with one or more of your dresses. Start your shopping list and write down the garments you need to purchase to complete your outfits as you are making them. You will be left with a clear list of what you actually need vs going to shop blindly and just getting what you feel looks pretty that particular day.

Once you have completed the list of clothes you need, you are ready to go shopping – shopping with a clear purpose and with intention. When shopping for new clothes that are not necessarily on your “Need list”, but you just need to refresh your look, incorporate these new clothes with the ones you already own by making different and new outfits. You can do this process every time you go shopping to have a clear and concise knowledge of what you own and how to pair everything together. It will make your morning routine so much quicker. 

For the future, only buy it if you really love it. What’s the point in buying clothes that will end up unworn at the bottom pile? It’s so much better to have fewer perfect looking and flattering outfits rather than a closet full of ok looking clothes and clutter. Oddly enough, even if the clothes you will buy are more expensive, you will probably save money in the long run.

Comment below on what tips I just shared were the most useful to start building a dream closet.

You just learned the exact steps you need to take to build your dream wardrobe, which will in turn clarify how you want to be seen and the personal image you want to project. To clarify and develop your personal brand style even more, you can take this quick personal brand style free assessment I created. In it, you’ll learn what personal brand style you are, what inspires your brand, and specific stores you should start paying attention to. You can also check my video on how to look put together all the time to get more styling tricks on how to look polished and sophisticated.
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