Do you ever get tired of wearing the clothes in your closet, but don’t want to get rid of them? There is so much you can do with the items you already have! In this video, I talk about how to alter or change the clothes you already have to make them look more stylish so that you can keep wearing them. I will give you ideas of things you could do so that when you look in your closet, you can find endless possibilities.

I took this blue dress and cut it in the middle because it has already had a double strip detail down the middle. And now it’s like a cool tunic that I’m wearing with leather leggings. I find this makes me look more interesting, as it adds dimension to my overall outfit.

My second example started off as a normal gold dress, that I also cut down the middle until about waist length, for it to be worn more as a tunic. I believe it’s so much more fun and interesting looking now that I had it altered. Now, it is much more stylish and interesting than if I was wearing just a dress with pumps! And it even has pockets! So normally, I pair it with heel strap heels, but I think little pumps with little studs on them is also fun and looks interesting.

My next alteration was a light grey coach coat with sleeves that I had lying around in my closet. I decided to cut the sleeves to make it like a cool vest. I had seen a similar one on a Rag and Bone AD that looked extremely similar, which is where I got this idea. I also added buttons to make it look cooler because there weren’t any and I kind of wanted to replicate the idea of the rag and bone look. Look around you and see if you find any styles that you like. If you find something interesting, take a look at things you already have that you could put together or even alter to mimic this look. There are so many sources for inspiration around us!


Another example of a dress that I altered to make it look cooler. This used to be a green, classic, dress, but by cutting slits in the sides, I wear it as a tunic, with pants. I am going to cut the fromt part, right over the knee, shorter tha the back, to have an even more dramatic effect. It will give a less classic and more updated look to this tunic and tie the whole look together.

The last alteration I made that I am going to explain is a Black dress with a blue lining. I cut it down the middle, so there is a slit and it shows the beautiful lining on the inside. I wear it with blue pants that match the lining. Its always a good outfit formula to match your shoes and pants, but have a different color top.


I hope that you find some ideas that you can use clothes in your closet you can use to alter and to give it a fresh look.  Please subscribe to my channel! It helps me to know that you guys like it and to create more videos. If you want to learn more about how to look put together every single day, check out my video. That’s what I teach!


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