If you want to develop a strong signature style that will make you stand out, attract the best clients that will love you, and identify with who you are, watch this video to know how to enhance your personal brand style and find your unique essence.

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In this video, I will give you some styling tricks I use to boost my clients’ personal brand and unique essence.

When talking about our essence, We all fall on a spectrum between neutral/conservative or sweet and overly sexy or styled. For example, Reese is perceived to be really sweet and she LOOKS really sweet. We want to honor your unique essence while staying away from the extremes. For professional purposes, you don’t want to look too neutral, bland, or sweet as this might prevent you from standing out or even looking credible, but you don’t want to look over-styled or too sexy either as mentioned in the previous video as this would look unprofessional and definitely not credible. But for most people, the goal and what we want you to work on is to add interest, edge, or spark to your outfits so you look more sophisticated and accomplished. We want to find the professional balance that honors your essence and at the same time looks more interesting and therefore more stylish. For example, although she looks very sweet because it’s her essence and her brand, Reese did add some edge to these flirty dresses by wearing black stiletto high heels, which bring some edge or spark to her overall look. Here she adds some spark to these casual outfits in different ways because if she looked too sweet or neutral, it wouldn’t look interesting enough. 

When I was acting in Hollywood, my essence was described as being the strong sophisticated woman with a heart of gold. I do have a pretty strong personality and can come across as a tough cookie, but those who know me know that I’m sensitive and caring.  This essence shows up in the way I dress: I like the softness of luxurious fabrics and flower embroidered garments, but I have to edge it all up with some black, strong architectural lines, leather, or booties instead of simple pumps. Otherwise, it would feel too cutsie or girly for my essence and personal brand style. Adding more spark with some edgy details not only defines my personal brand, but it also makes my outfit look much more interesting and therefore more stylish.

So To give you some examples of some ways you can play with balance and add more edge or sass so you look more stylish, here I added a lot of interest to This otherwise bland monochromatic outfit by pairing the jeans with a fun tuxedo blazer. The color is very neutral, but the blazer is different because of the tuxedo style AND I added amazing leopard boots to make everything pop. As for the bag, I like neutral bags, as well as they, go with everything, but I make sure they don’t look boring and have some pizzazz like this croc textured bag for example. This flower jacket/tunic is very beautiful but too ethereal and romantic looking on its own for me, so I paired it with black leather leggings and caged shoes to edge it up. The same idea for flower embroidered dresses, they need to be paired with black boots or booties and a black blazer so it’s not too sweet or romantic looking.  If you are not as edgy as I am, you could pair them with a simple black heel as Reese did with her flirty dresses. We all have a different degree of edginess. 

On a final note, the EASIEST way to enhance an outfit is to wear accessories, interesting shoes, and/or handbag vs bland ones. They can still be neutral, but have cool details like my croc bags or like these boots.

Comment below with ways you feel you can add some edge or spark to one of your go-to outfits so you make it look more like you, your personal essence and so it looks more interesting and stylish.

Now that you learned a way to deepen your signature look, you can clarify your personal brand style even more by taking a fun and quick assessment I created. In it, you will learn what personal brand style you are, how to inspire your brand and specific stores you should consider to find clothes that are on brand for you. Also look for my other video on personal brand style to enhance your brand even more. If you like this video, please let me know by liking it below, subscribe and share it with your fellow ladies.

Au revoir!

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