Want to look more expensive or classy and therefore project a more credible and professional image?  Watch this video for easy to apply fashion tips on what jewelry can make or break your whole outfit.

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You need to project a credible and successful image, but you’re not sure if your jewelry looks good enough, by the end of this video, you’ll know what kind of jewelry looks chic and what kind looks cheap to make sure you look more polished, sophisticated, and like a credible expert.

Accessories are the easiest way to look put-together and add interest to any outfit. They can instantly enliven your wow factor and enhance your personal brand image, even more, not to mention that they make you look more professional. Women who take the time to wear accessories are seen as giving more attention to details and therefore subconsciously, they are seen as being more professional and thorough in their work.

Busy necklaces like this one for example are also hard to pull off and still look sophisticated. You would have to keep everything else very neutral and even then, it’s risky to go for something like this. Very thin metal shapes like these also look lower in quality. I’ve even seen women wear necklaces in this style, which I don’t recommend you do.  If you want to wear statement earrings,  opt for a bit more substance like these chandelier pearl earrings for example so the jewelry looks better made, higher quality, and not cheap.

You just learned how to tell when jewelry looks high quality and when it looks too cheap. Wearing good quality clothes is just as important if not more than your jewelry. I know it can be confusing to know what quality is good enough, so I created a 2-page guide called quality meter that helped many of my clients take the confusion out of shopping for professional clothes. This free guide will tell you exactly at which point the quality is good enough and when it will make your outfit look cheaper. Also, check my video on the 10 fashion mistakes professional women make to learn more about it.

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