One of the biggest mistakes women make is buying clothes to hide their figure or that are not flattering on their body. 

If you need to project a credible and successful image, then dressing to flatter your silhouette is crucial. If you don’t, it’s very difficult to look polished and put together. I will tell you what to do so you don’t make the same mistake and give you 2 style tricks you can use to flatter your silhouette and make you look more polished and sophisticated.  I use these style tricks regularly on myself and on my clients. Try it for yourself and you will love how good you look!

The idea is to accept the fact that not all styles look good on everybody and know what works for you, is right for your body type, and has flattering proportions. You are not at fault or to blame, but the garment is responsible for not fitting you because it wasn’t made to fit you. It was made to fit a standard shape person that doesn’t even exist.

I also blamed myself for a long time for not looking good in certain clothes and I sometimes wish I could wear the flared leg pants like these, but they don’t flatter my figure because they bring the width of my hips all the way down, but you know what it’s ok, there are a bunch of styles I can wear that I feel really good in and in the end, it makes me who I am. What is flattering on our body becomes an integral part of owning and defining our personal style. If some style is on-trend, but doesn’t flatter your figure, why even try to make it work? It’s more important to stick to what looks good on you and makes you feel confident. It’s next to impossible to look polished and successful if you wear clothes that are ill-fitted or unflattering, so don’t take this step lightly.

You need to ask yourself: what body part do I like best? Focus on them and dress to show them off.  This will help take your focus away from the parts you don’t like and allow you to start appreciating your beautiful assets more.

For each body type we will cover – The idea is to balance our shape to look more like the Marilyn Monroe hourglass feminine figure. We want to create a smaller waist with proportionate curves on top and bottom.

Regardless of the shape you are, there are 2 very important universal Style Rules for looking better instantly:

1)  I want you to notice that for every single one of the body types, the goal is to accent down the centerline of your body. Anything that brings the eye to the center will make you look leaner. For example, jackets with pretty buttons down the center accomplish that. This is why the most flattering neckline is one that will draw attention in the center and elongate your figure. This is accomplished by wearing a V neckline or elongated U neckline. This illusion can also be created with a long V shape necklace. You can also create it with a scarf if scarves are part of your brand style. We will cover this in more detail in the accessories chapter.

2) The other universal flattering style tip is to make sure the smallest part of your waist is accentuated either with the clothes you’re wearing (they naturally accentuate your waist) or a belt, which is completely underused and can be your best secret weapon.  They can look so stylish and flattering all at once. I can’t stress it enough. 1-inch belts are typically flattering on everyone. Another stylish trick to flatter your waist is to do partial tucks with flowy material such as non-form fitting t-shirts or other kinds of flowy tops instead of letting it hang all around the body. When you let shapeless tops hang down, it makes you look shapeless and it’s not flattering. Proper full tucks can sometimes look too constricted or unflattering especially if you carry your weight in your mid-section. The bottom line is you always want to create a waistline no matter what shape you are. This is why there is no need to be afraid of adding volume to our clothes.  The width in a full A-line skirt or dress will make your legs and waist look slimmer. Peplum tops will make your waist and hips look thinner in comparison to the volume of the fabric. Dressing to accentuate your feminine shape will make you feel and look thinner and better. 

I highly recommend to all my clients to find a good tailor, especially if you have a hard time finding clothes off the rack that fit you well, find a good tailor. A good tailor is life-changing and will make your clothes look so much better and look well.. tailored. I use my tailor ALL the time. You will be so much happier with how your clothes fit.

Now you know 2 styling tricks to make sure you always flatter your silhouette and how doing so can even define even more what your unique personal style is. To clarify and develop your personal brand style, even more, you can take this quick personal brand style assessment I created by clicking here. In it, you’ll learn what personal brand style you are, what inspires your brand, and specific stores you should start paying attention to. You can also check my youtube video on how to look put together all the time by clicking here.

Au revoir! Xx

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