Do you want to refine your personal style, stand out, look super stylish, and attract higher-level business opportunities or clients? Do you ever look at celebrities or Pinterest images and think to yourself, if only I knew how to dress like this. Well, think no more because I’m about to show you a few outfit formulas that will totally enhance your style and make you look instantly more stylish and polished. People might even think you’ve been styled by a stylist.

I have created many stylish outfit formulas you can use as inspiration to create your outfits. A lot of these outfits are examples of what to do to project a more stylish, unexpected, and interesting look vs one that is expected and often dull. This being said, when you try these formulas, make sure they represent you and your brand. If you love what you see, by all means, incorporate it into your brand style.


Examples of unexpected and fun outfit formulas are:

  1.     Skinny jeans or leather pants + silk top + blazer + heels  (classic or staple for me)
  2.     Dress + high heel booties or shooties  (that’s how I like to wear dresses as it’s different than the expected pump or heel)
  3.     Pencil skirt + knit top + chic flats + blazer (for a fun casual and stylish outfit)
  4.     (and dd) Loose top + skinny bottom (which means either a pencil skirt or skinny pants/jeans) + booties or heels (this is styling 101- you go loose either on top or on bottom, not on both. To follow this principle, you can wear:)
  5.     Tight or body contouring top + flared pants/jeans
  6.     Ankle tight sock booties or shooties + a skirt or a dress OR with a wide leg cropped pants/culottes. (I find Ankle tight booties to look even more stylish than booties that are not)
  7.     Leg tight knee-high boots (they can be over the knee boots or right below the knee) + wide leg cropped pants or a midi skirt
  8.     Blazer + shorts or cropped Pants (or culottes)
  9.       Long or medium length structured sleeveless blazer ( or aka vest) + long sleeve top + pants OR
  10.       Long or medium length structured sleeveless blazer ( or aka vest) + a skirt or dress + booties or heels.
  11.     Dress + long/short sleeve top or turtle neck
  12.       For the fashion adventurers, you can pair a Short A-line mini dress over a skirt
  13.   And you can pair a skirt over a dress
  14.     Neutral color dress + bold color heels or sock boots (always looks cool)
  15.     Statement shoes + cropped pants (to make sure the focal point is on the shoes).
  16.     Statement shoes + Neutral Dress/Skirt
  17.     Same color top + shoes can look matchy matchy, but it also looks very cool and stylish
  18.     Same color top + jacket  
  19.     Or same color bottom + shoes
  20.     Last but not least, one of my favorites and unexpected formula is wearing: Fun or embellished tights + dress or skirt


Personally, when I feel stuck for what the next version of my style is or if I get bored with what I’ve been wearing, I go on a Pinterest board I created of outfits I really liked that felt interesting to me. I use these outfits as my inspiration. I currently have three style muses I use to inspire me to create outfits with clothes I have in my own wardrobe. It allows me to keep stretching myself and get inspired about specific pieces, play of proportions, or combinations that I haven’t thought of on my own. To learn more about outfit formulas when it comes to your own personal style, click here to learn more about how to clarify your personal brand style with my video called personal brand style outfit formulas to clarify and enhance your signature look even more.

Now that you learned a way to make your signature look more interesting and stylish, you can clarify your personal brand style even more by taking a quick assessment I created. Click here to access it. In it, you will learn what personal brand style you are, what can inspire your brand and specific stores you should consider to find clothes that are on brand for you.

You can also check out my video here to learn more about how to make your outfits look more expensive.

Au revoir! Xx

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