Depending on the colors you choose for your brand, you can evoke feelings of trust, stability, urgency, or relaxation, etc. Research found that people don’t live in a “thinking” state; they live in a state of “feeling” and colors influence over 60% of people’s buying decision making.

If you want to develop a brand style that will support you in attracting the best clients that will identify with you and your message, watch this video to learn a super effective way to enhance and boost your personal brand through colors. I use this styling trick personally for myself and to boost my clients’ personal brand. You should definitely use colors to boost your brand if you aren’t already.

If you want to develop a brand style that will support you in attracting the best clients that will identify with you and your message, I will give you a super effective trick to boost your personal brand and make it more clear. I personally use this brand styling approach and you can now use it too.

Having studied and worked in marketing and branding, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of knowing what your brand colors are. Did you know that 60 to 90% of our buying decision is based on color? It’s so important to define and clarify what your own personal brand colors are to make sure they support you in attracting YOUR ideal clients to you. Very importantly, you can also use your brand colors as part of your signature style and to convey a message at the same time. Colors can be very powerful and affect the way you’re perceived. I highly recommend creating a set palette of brand colors to give a cohesive and lasting impression if you don’t have them already. Start with your power colors as the wrong shade of color will not flatter you and then go from there. I will create a video on power colors in the future. Make sure you subscribe to my channel and click on the bell to get notified. But for now, think about the emotions you want your brand to convey when choosing your palette of brand colors. Bright colors and big prints work for a brand that’s cheerful, while black, white, and neutral colors are more suited for a chic, upscale style. By carefully picking your brand colors, it will subconsciously reinforce your brand image, make you more memorable, and stand out. You don’t have to limit yourself to just a few colors when dressing up on a day to day basis, but when you need to take professional pictures, speak, do workshops or webinars, it’s a good idea to gravitate towards your brand colors to create consistency in your brand. I try to wear my brand colors as much as possible when representing my business. To help you identify the brand colors you feel best represents you, your company, and your message, here are the colors and the meaning they represent.

Green represents: Calm, Soothing, Peaceful, Health, Healing, Money, Fertility, Freshness, and Environment

Blue means: Credible, Reliable, Professional, Trust, Strength, Peace, Confidence, and Integrity

Purple is: Protective, Thoughtful, Wise, Imaginative, Royal, Dignity, Noble, Luxury, Wealth, Spirituality

Yellow is: Enlightening, Happy, Perky, Abundance, Friendly, Energetic, Warmth, Optimism, Cheerful, and joy

Orange means: Energizing, Desire, Warmth, Cheerful, Confidence, Courage, Success

Red represents: Demanding, Passion, Love, Exciting, Youthful, Confident, Daring, Energy, Power, Desire, Strength

Grey means: Balance, Neutral, Calm, Stability, Security, Strong, Character, Authority, Maturity, Solid, Intelligence

Black represents: sophistication, Power, Mystery, Formality, Strong,  Elegance, Dramatic, Classy, Protection, Authority

White is: White: Fresh, Hope, Goodness, Light, Purity, Easy, Cleanliness, Simplicity, Coolness, Innocence

Pink represents: Romance, Sweet, Faithful, Beauty, Love, Happy, Sensitivity, Happy, Feminine, Playful, Compassion

Gold is all about: Wealth, Success, Status, Generous, Wisdom, Valuable, Charisma, Optimistic, Traditional 

Brown means: Stable, Reliable, Approachable, Genuine, Organic, Friendly, Earth, Conservative

Silver is: Glamorous, High Tech, Graceful, Sleek

You learned what colors would be best to represent your brand. To help you clarify your brand on a deeper level, I created this quick personal brand style assessment. In it, you will learn what personal brand style you are, how to inspire your brand, and specific stores you can look for at the mall and you can start paying attention to. Click here to access it.

Also, check out the video I created called how to develop your signature style to refine your brand even more and clarify what your personal brand image looks like.
Au revoir! Xx

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