The right colors can make you look younger, better looking, and healthier or they can make you look washed out and even unwell if you wear the wrong colors. learn what your power color palette is and say hello to a gorgeous glow. You are about to learn what colors look best on you so that you can look better, more friendly, and approachable. At the end, I will even give you a link where you can get your own swatch of the colors that look best on you. color is what we see before anything else. Wearing colors that flatter your complexion makes a huge difference in the way you are perceived and the way you look.  

This is why I never wear certain types of beige for example because it instantly drains any hint of color from my face. So I got rid of all the beige tops in my closet. Typically, if the color does nothing for you, neither does the garment. Black is an exception in my book just because it’s so prevalent in the fashion world. All the celebrities wear black and there’s a reason why.

In this video, I teach a very established and conventional technique based on the four seasons because it’s simple to understand, especially if you have never been exposed to colors before. My goal for you is to look polished and sophisticated while using flattering brand colors to make sure you look amazing.

So what are your power colors?

Step One –  Determine Your Skin Tone: The first thing you need to know in order to find your color palette is to do a simple test with foundations or concealers at the drug store or you can go to a department store and ask a makeup artist to help you. I personally like a brand called mineral fusion because it has a concealer duo product, which makes it very easy to test which skin tone you are.  You can find it at Whole Foods stores. Whichever you choose, use the same brand for the test.

You will look for a brand that has three skin tones: Warm, Cool, Neutral. You will test each of them on the inside of your upper arm (where the sun didn’t likely get to) and see which tint is the closest to your skin color. If in doubt, you can also try a darker shade on the outside of your arm to confirm the shade. If you are a warm shade, for example, your natural hair color is most probably a warm tone as well (or ideally should be if it’s not the case). This means you will look your best in warm colors. If you are a cool shade, you will look your best in cool colors. If you are a Neutral, you can wear most colors and should pick your palette according to your hair color.

That being said, your hair color is what dictates which colors will look best on you. So if you are a warm skin tone, but prefer to have a cool dark color shade, then you should go for cool colors. But know that if you are a warm skin tone, a warm hair color would suit you best.

Step Two –Determine whether your hair is light or dark. For quick and easy color analysis, select the side of the hair color scale that best represents the “lightness” or “darkness” of your hair. If you have salt and pepper gray hair, choose the color that is closest to your hair color if the salt and pepper gray were blended together or your previous natural hair color. If this step is difficult for you – look at yourself (out of focus) in a magnifying mirror. Highlights and lowlights tend to blend together for an overall hue which will then make it easy for you to determine the overall lightness or darkness of your hair.

Step ThreeDetermine whether your hair is warm or cool. If you have decided that you have DARK hair, like the models here, the next decision you must make is if your hair is warm in tone or cool. Warm tone hair has golden or red highlights. Dark and cool tone hair is completely absent of gold or red. It may be brown or black, but has no gold or red in it. Choose either warm tone or cool tone hair.

If you have decided that you have LIGHT hair, similar to the model here, the next decision you must make is if your hair is warm in tone or cool. Warm tone hair has golden or red highlights, as shown on the left. Light and cool tone hair is completely absent of gold or red. It may be blonde or light brown, but has no gold or red in it. Choose either warm tone or cool tone hair color.

Step Four –We are ready to determine What season you are.

You are a Summer  if you have light & a cool shade of hair color

Your overall coloring is the most delicate and understated of all the seasons. Summer is the serenity palette, so you should always avoid harsh contrasts by keeping the entire look calm and in complete harmony. You receive compliments in pastel shades of rose, periwinkle, sage.

 You are a Spring  if you have a light and warm shade of hair color

Your coloration is bright and sunny.  Select colors that look as if they are bathed in sunlight.  Your best color will mirror the color of your eyes. You receive compliments in bright shades: turquoise, watermelon, salmon.

 You are an Autumn if you have dark hair in a warm shade of color

Your natural coloring is fiery, earthy, golden, and natural. The Autumn palette is easy to remember if you think about a beautiful Autumn landscape. You can wear both muted and rich, warm colors like the autumn foliage or exotic spice colors. You receive compliments in shades of the autumn season: moss, rust, terra cotta.

 You are a Winter if you have dark and a cool shade of hair color

Your coloring is crisp and distinctive. Winters are rich and intense in hair and eye color. You receive compliments in bold shades, black white, red and jewel tones.

The idea is we want to wear warm colors on warm skin tone and warm hair color (again go with the hair color if it’s different than your skin tone). Now it is possible to be a cool shade and wear warm colors such as red or yellow, but you will choose a red with a cool hue to it rather than a warm orange-red. Same goes for the warm seasons, there are blues that have a bit more yellow such as turquoise and so they are considered warmer shades of blue.

I have looked at a few companies to find color swatches options and I made my final pick on Color Me Beautiful because I found it to be the handiest and it has the nicest color options I’ve seen. It’s really practical because you can carry it in your purse while shopping and it’s sturdy enough to last for a long time. You can click here to get your own color palette. I get a small commission on the swatch and give 30% of my profits to a charity that empowers bullied women to get back on their feet. You can go to the main Color Me Beautiful website if you prefer not to use my link.

Now that you learned how to determine what your color palette is to enhance your personal brand image, you can develop your personal brand style even more by taking this quick personal brand style assessment I created. In it, you’ll learn what personal brand style you are, what inspires your brand, and specific stores you should start paying attention to. Click here to access it.

Au revoir! Xx

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