One of the hardest feats in fashion is knowing how to put together an outfit so it looks polished and well put together. This is exactly what I am going to teach: a foolproof style trick to make sure you look great all the time. No more overdone or clunky looking outfits. Learn 2 easy principles that will make you look more polished and sophisticated all the time so you can look like a credible and successful expert the minute you step in front of your ideal clients or when meeting influencers you want to affiliate with.  I use these style tricks on a daily basis on myself and on clients who have gotten promoted within 3 weeks and increased their income substantially by applying these principles. Now you can try it for yourself.

Principle Number 1: The first principle calls for one statement piece. So here we are looking for a garment or even an accessory that will take center stage and will be the main focal point. Then the idea is that we need to work from there and keep everything else somewhat neutral because if there are too many things that call for attention, the eye will not know where to go and this is when your outfit starts looking overdone, unstylish, or even awkward.

Principle Number 2: The second principle starts with a blank canvas so to speak. You will wear a neutral outfit and add one or two interesting details. Notice that I did not say add one or two statement pieces, but details, which is very different. Details don’t call for so much attention as a statement piece, but they are interesting enough to subtly catch out attention. Everything is in the details as they say.

It’s more challenging to write about these principles than to show them so I suggest you watch the video to really grasp the concepts I’m teaching.

Now, will it happen that some outfits who don’t follow these 2 rules can look great? Yep, it can. Fashion is an art and there is a LOT of room to play, but these 2 rules are a guideline to make sure you will not look unstylish or like you are trying too hard, but nicely put together, sophisticated, and polished. Wearing good quality clothing is also crucial to make sure you look polished and sophisticated.

I know it can be confusing to know what quality is good enough, so I created a 2-page guide called quality meter that helped many of my clients take the confusion out of shopping for professional clothes. This free guide will tell you exactly at which point the quality is good enough and when it will make your outfit look cheaper. Click here to access it.

You can also check my youtube video called “super stylish outfit formulas” to learn ways you can look super polished and stylish. Click here to watch it.

Au revoir! Xx

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