Everyone has heard – it takes 3 seconds to make a first impression. Well, have you ever heard you can dress to get what you want and attract more money or even love?! I agree. it’s a bit out there and a very bold statement that would make me think that’s all marketing if I didn’t know anything about Feng Shui. I apply this 6000-year-old practice originating from china with all of my clients and they attract more money, so can you.

You might have seen on my bio page that I have a certification in Feng Shui. I still use its principles in my everyday life as it makes total sense to me: create the space according to the circumstances you want to experience (attract love, money…).

An example is: if you want to create love, make sure everything is in pairs, especially in your bedroom – two nightstands, two lamps… Also, place the different Feng Shui elements where they belong for the best flow and overall energy. My dear friend Amanda Collins is a Feng Shui master and she is very good at helping people attract love. Once, she did a consultation for a man that could not find his match, and only one day after she told him what to do and implement, he met his future wife! The same goes for our bodies. Your body is a “temple” and your clothes are elements you can use to attract the experiences you want to have.


One of the most powerful and elementary principles in Feng Shui is decluttering, which has one of the biggest impacts on one’s life. So the very first thing you want to do is declutter your closet. I cannot stress enough how important this is. It literally shifts the energy upside down and you will start noticing changes happening in your life.

One of my friends was experiencing a low volume of clients and I asked her if she was worried about it. She told me: “Not at all. All I need to do is clean out a closet and new clients show up”. She had experienced it over and over and so have many of my clients. Getting rid of the old makes room for new and better things. I will go into details on how to declutter your closet a little later, but for now, the idea is for you to start thinking on it and getting ready to tackle that overflowing closet sooner rather than later.

There are five elements in Feng Shui (Metal, Fire, Wood, Water, Earth), but I will only address two of them here for the purpose of this course as people usually want to attract two main things in their lives: VIDEO abundance and love. I don’t believe health is something you can attract or improve by the way you dress, but by what you put in your body, how you feel and think (dressing to feel good and confident will help in and of itself), and how you use your body by doing regular exercise. 

If your goal is to attract more success, wealth, and abundance, then I truly believe that dressing accordingly will greatly help you in achieving that. In Feng Shui, wealth is referred to as the metal element, which speaks to beauty, upscale, quality-seeker, elevated, cultured, elegant, meticulous, refined, and organized.

The best way to add metal to your wardrobe is by wearing metallic colors, neutral pastels (such as cream, light gray, light beige…), dark neutrals (such as black, navy, charcoal…), and white. One of the simplest ways to add some metal is to wear a monochrome outfit. In my book, this is a powerful way to make any outfit look more upscale and chic. Start paying attention to celebrities and notice the way they dress on a regular basis. Most of them (or their stylists) understand this concept and they use it all the time.

Also wear designer clothes and brand names, especially for your handbags. Handbags and shoes are the easiest way to tell if a person is “expensive” or not.

Wear very well-tailored outfits along with luxurious fabrics such as silk and cashmere. Notice how the type of fabrics is a recurring factor when it comes to looking more refined and sophisticated. This could also mean to invest in a good tailor.  Making sure all your clothes fit your body perfectly makes a world of difference. In fact, I would go as far as to say it’s a must, so if you don’t have a tailor, ask around, and get referrals. There is nothing worse than trying a tailor that does a poor job on your clothes. Also, Invest in good quality jewelry such as silver, platinum, or gold. Good quality costume jewelry is now more commonly accepted to achieve a sophisticated look, but you have to make sure it looks high-quality. This means no plastic or fake stones!

Wearing some makeup to enhance your features also gives you a more sophisticated look that tells people you care about the way you look and the image you project. In a study amongst a group of women, the ones who wore makeup were 69% more likely to earn more than women who didn’t wear makeup. Notice the difference between the woman in these two pictures, which is the same woman if you hadn’t noticed. She’s naturally gorgeous, but wearing makeup makes her look so much more refined and sophisticated.  This being said, I don’t recommend too much makeup as too much is just like not enough. A classy and natural look is best unless it’s an integral part of your brand to wear bright lipstick, for example, then I think you need to own it.

If your goal is to attract love, joy, and fun, then you want to add the fire element to your wardrobe (isn’t the name so fitting?!) The fire element is described as captivating, charismatic, entertaining, exciting, pleasure-oriented, enthusiastic, joyful, passionate, fun, impulsive, and social.

The best way to add fire to your wardrobe is to wear red and purple colors. If you are not big on flashy colors, you can always go for muted versions of these colors such as burgundy or wine colors.

Another way to incorporate fire is to wear red lacy underwear. People won’t see, but you will know what’s under there and remember it’s all about how it makes you feel. Chances are wearing an exciting pair of undies will make you feel a little more playful shall we say. As a French-Canadian woman, I know a thing or two about French women. There is a distinction between the two but we have our similarities. French women are known for investing in very nice lingerie. The fact that they know and feel how exquisite their underwear is gives them their je-ne-sais-quoi and subtle mysterious ways about them and their physical attractiveness.

Animal prints are also a great way to add pizzazz to your outfit (or underwear). Try dressing a bit more sexy than what you are used to by wearing clothes that are a little clingy and body contouring or with a little cleavage (never too much as we still want to remain classy).

Sensual and fun fabrics such as silk, satin, leather, and fur (or faux fur) are all a good way to add some fire to your outfit.

You learned some ways you can dress intentionally to uplevel and attract more of what you want. One of the ways was to pay attention to the quality of the fabric you wear. I know it can be confusing to know what quality is good enough, so I created a 2 page guide called quality meter that helped many of my clients take the confusion out of shopping for professional clothes. This free guide will tell you exactly at which point the quality is good enough and when it will make your outfit look cheaper. Click here to get it!

Another way you can uplevel your image is by defining and clarifying your personal style by taking a fun and really quick assessment I created by clicking here. In it, you will learn what personal brand style you are, what can inspire your brand and specific stores you should consider finding clothes that are on-brand for you.

Au revoir! Xx

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