Welcome to the very second video of my youtube channel!!! In this video, you will learn effective ways to enhance your personal brand style that will make you stand out, make it stronger and bolder, and attract the best clients that will identify with you much more readily. I will give you two styling tricks I use to boost and enhance my clients’ unique personal brand and you can use it too!

If you want to develop a strong brand style that will make you stand out, attract the best clients that will identify with you much more readily, keep reading to learn effective ways on how to enhance your personal brand style, and make it stronger and bolder. I will give you the two styling tricks I use to boost my clients’ personal brand you can use it too.

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One great way to develop a strong personal brand style is to Highlight and flaunt your personality and what’s unique about you because When you build a brand as an entrepreneur or coach, your personality should come through. People don’t want to buy from a product or service, they want to buy from real people they know and trust. What makes you unique or special? Is it your hair texture or haircut? Eye color? Beautiful plum lips? Fluency in different languages? Use it to your advantage and highlight them. For example, if your eyes have a distinct color, make sure you highlight them with the perfect shade of eyeliner or highlight your beautiful lips with a pretty lipstick on a consistent basis. All of these details become part of your brand. Your personal style represents your personality and your personality is your brand. Continue finding ways to insert aspects of your personality into your brand. It will make your brand relatable by humanizing it and will help you stand out and build the know, like, trust factor. People want to buy from people they feel like they know and trust. For example, in my marketing material, I like to explain how to pronounce my name “Josée Brisebois” (pronounced Jo-zay Breeze-bwah). This highlights the fact that my name is different or exotic and a little hard to pronounce and my first language is probably not English. I also talk about the real meaning of my name: although it might sound pretty to the ears, Brisebois actually means Break-wood. So I like to say I come from a long line of stylish lumberjacks! Do you see how I took something as simple as my name and made it fun and memorable? People instantly see that I have a sense of humor – well hopefully they do! The point is that knowing details like this makes you a real person that people are starting to get to know. Everyone has something unique about them.


The second approach I use with my clients is all about developing a signature look. When I work with clients, I typically rely on this information along with their personal traits to pull out and boost their brand to where it’s strong, clear, and easily understandable. This client’s hair has a tint of red and since she loves the warm bright colors, we made this color part of her brand.  It enhances her unique hair color even more. What this means is that when shopping, we look for these kinds of colors so that she wears them on a pretty regular basis. We also got her this great leopard jacket. The reason I decided on this jacket as opposed to any other is because she already owned a few jackets of her own with animal prints or with a tribal vibe. I pulled all of these jackets out to be used on a regular basis so that she consistently represents her personal brand.  


And this brings me to my next point: one great way to create a signature style is by identifying key pieces or items in your wardrobe.  A signature piece is ideally memorable and can be almost anything. You can look at what I call the Repeaters in your closet. For example, I have a closet full of black blazers and they all look very different to me and go with different things. I wear them A LOT. I usually tend to cuff my jeans because I personally feel it gives a more stylish look. Maybe YOU love Polk-a-dot tops or flower skirts? Or maybe you like to roll up your sleeves on a regular basis. All of these kinds of details may seem insignificant at first glance, but they each play a role in shaping up and clarifying your brand style so we get an even better glimpse of who you are as a person. Rolling up sleeves tells us that you are a relaxed person despite the fact that you might have a very classic or professional look for example. Do you wear a lot of black and white or bold colors? Are you also a blazer fanatic? In other words, is there a particular clothing item or accessory that dominates your closet? Your closet might have an excess of a certain item because they make you feel good and happy. They can be part of your signature style as long as you make sure they are flattering, good quality, professional-looking, and congruent with the personal style you are going for. If you know you have items like this in your closet, see how you can incorporate them even more when representing your business and your brand. If not, think of an item or a color you wear the most   (for me that would be my blazers, and my booties or shoeties worn with lace dresses instead of pumps) and develop it into your signature piece. I’m not saying to throw away all other colors cause that would be silly and not fun, but I recommend gravitating towards your brand colors especially when representing your business. Audrey Hepburn mostly wore cropped pants and ballet flats, Jackie O. had her oversized sunglasses, and Elizabeth Taylor was known for her larger than life diamond jewels. Ana Wintour always wears a printed mid-length dress with a chunky necklace and sunglasses. Many fashionable women own a signature item or two that became part of their style identity. A signature piece instills recognition and is memorable. It gets people to associate to your brand and can be almost anything: Yours can be as simple as repeat prints, great shoes, unique hats, scarves, or color such as a red purse. Anything that adds originality to your style or that is easily noticeable. Whatever it is, wear that a lot! These items will help you define and enhance your style. It will create a mental trigger that will cause your audience to think of you when they encounter something similar. An ideal signature style or accessory is something that people will immediately recognize when they see your image. 

Now that you learned how to develop a signature look, you can clarify your personal brand style even more by taking this quick assessment I created. In it, you’ll learn what personal brand style you are, how you can inspire your brand and specific stores you should start paying attention to. Click here to get it.

Also check my youtube video “how to personal branding with personal style” to learn more about how to develop your personal brand and how to make your personal essence shine through.

Enjoy and Au Revoir! xx

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