And in Case You’re Here to Find Out More About My Non-Professional Life…

As you probably guessed it, my name is French, but more specifically (and an important distinction to us Quebecers) I’m French-Canadian from Montreal. I currently live in San Diego, California with my hubby and my playfully mischievous little girls. I love the SoCal life. The weather is great and that’s enough to make me a happy camper.

As a child, I was labeled as the chubby twin and started believing I was not good enough, too fat…you know how it goes… This is why helping women skyrocket their confidence and feel good about themselves is not only a lot of fun but also very fulfilling.

I like to say I have had many professional lives and they played a big part in the way I looked and presented myself. As an actress, I had to do a lot of trainings to brand myself, and that allowed me to really understand the importance of branding in all lines of business. In a city where fashion is prevalent, I was viewed as the strong, sophisticated woman with impeccable style. I feel like working with women to make them look chic and feel confident is making me come full circle.

I work with high achieving women in the spotlight in a group setting and one-on-one to help you skyrocket your confidence and look like the successful expert that you are to attract higher level clients and business opportunities. While working with me, not only will you own a chic, stylish and flattering wardrobe to feel good and exude confidence, but you will also experience more joy and more success in your life.

10 Things You May Not Know About Me:


I graduated with a business degree from McGill University because I followed my dad’s advice: study something where you can make money. It led me to have great professional and travel experiences. But I later decided it was time to follow my heart.


After graduating, I have also worked as a marketing manager, anchor-reporter, and actress.


I have certifications in Feng Shui and Nutrition. I still use and practice both in my everyday life.


I have lived in Canada, Europe, Australia, Mexico, California, and travelled in Southwest Asia and Japan. I am still talking about the street fashion I saw in Japan. It’s by far the best people-watching place in the world.


I speak Français and Español. French is my first language and I studied Spanish in Mexico, where I lived for a year and a half.


I do not like to meditate. I really want to like it, but it makes me feel like I am wasting my time. Who wants to sit and do nothing when they could shop or watch a good movie? I consider shopping to be my zen zone and meditation practice of choice since it’s so fun and relaxing to me. I have my spiritual side and I enjoy doing yoga.


I got a little Chinese symbol tattoo on my ankle at the age of 18 years old. I regretted it 1-year later. When he saw it, my dad immediately threatened to disinherit me. I turned as white as a ghost in the face and immediately replied – “but I can have it removed! Thankfully he laughs at the tattoo now – most probably because he knows I regret it.


When I was in third grade, I was put in the corner of the principal’s office for talking too much in class and there was a fire alarm switch right in front of me. I was so curious to know what that strange looking thing was that I lifted it…. off went the alarm and the whole school was evacuated. I felt so terrible that I became a model student thereafter.


When I worked as an anchor, I still had a very thick French accent and every day I had to write down how to phonetically pronounce words. One that I messed up pretty badly was when I said guitarist. I put the intonation on the GUItarist instead of the guiTARist. Everyone in the station was laughing so hard I could hear them from the desk.


I was labeled the tough woman with a heart of gold by acting teachers because I come across as very confident, but in reality I’m very sensitive and can cry at commercials on TV. 

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